Staff Augmentation Services.

K-Factor Staff Augmentation services help companies locate professional and highly capable employees for the accomplishment of specific project objectives. We will assist in the evaluation of the current staff so we can determine more precisely what additional skills and resources are necessary for the most efficient execution of the project, up to completion.

Our Staff Augmentation services differ from our Project-Based Staffing services and our Employer of Record services; the talent we provide functions in the same manner as existing staff members, taking direction from management. With exception to the fact that the onboarding, off boarding, training, payroll and benefits are handled by K-Factor, our Staff Augmentation talent are indistinguishable from other existing company staff members. The integration of these professionals is much less disruptive to day-to-day operations and tends to be a more strategic approach to filling voids in staffing.

Staff Augmentation Services Goals

K-Factor’s Staff Augmentation services work well for companies needing to scale up and down depending upon project requirements. or those looking to strengthen their core team with highly skilled professionals. The goals of K-Factor’s Staff Augmentation services are as follows:

  • Achievement of short-term project goals, cost-effectively and rapidly
  • Minimize risk and investment and maximize resources
  • Ensure appropriate skills and resources are applied to project
  • Guarantee adherence to schedules and timetables
  • Ensure affordability and stay within specified budget for project or IT support and maintenance
  • Ensure excellence and a successful outcome

Staff Augmentation Services Benefits

Engaging K-Factor Staff Augmentation services will offer a number of benefits:

  • Resource Control
  • Cohesive Integration
  • Leverage Current Resources
  • Specialized Expertise
  • Cost Reduction
  • Expansion and Contraction Flexibility
  • Meeting Timelines
  • Greater Acceptance of Internal Staff